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HALF PRICE Sticker Packs for Sticker Club members

This listing is exclusive for Romancelandia Sticker Club members only.


It's a pack of five Romancelandia 3 inch round matte stickers at HALF PRICE (normally $10 for the set). They will be included in your next Sticker Club shipment.


Not a member? Join the Club here at any time to get this deal (just add it to your cart when you join the Club and I'll include it in your next shipment) OR order these stickers for full price here.


Note: Since this item is less than $10, use code MEMBERSHIP when checking out for free shipping.

Please do not order these if you are not a Romancelandia Sticker Club member. The regular price listing for these stickers is found here. Thank you!

HALF PRICE Sticker Packs for Sticker Club members

  • These stickers will ship with your next Sticker Club shipment.

    Be sure to use code MEMBERSHIP at checkout to waive the shipping fee.